Sunday, 19 November 2017

Disaster strikes!

So every couple of weeks or so I like to run the engine for a while to ensure everything is ok, last week I started her up and she ran for a short while and then promptly stopped for no reason.

After some investigating I found out that there was water in the fuel as the water separating filter was full to the brim! Long story short, I drained the tank and fuel system, filled with fresh diesel, cracked open the injectors and away she went! I can only assume that water had found its way into the tank whilst the deck filler was taken out whilst painting the decks.

I ran her for a while but then found that she didn't seem to be pumping much cooling water through the exhaust, just so happens I was suffering two completely unrelated issues but at the same time!

This was the issue with the cooling system, the water pump impellor had been destroyed due to lack of water.
More investigating revealed a leak in one of the cooling hoses which had in turn meant that the level of water in the water butt which supplies the engine had dropped which meant the engine was unable to suck through enough to keep the water pump going.......Good news is that a new pump has been fitted, leaky hose replaced and water butt filled to the correct level.
I am pleased to report that the engine is now back on form and running well!

Some more good news, the free paint from international arrived which I am very happy with as this little lot would have cost over £700!

Even better news is that I was able to get down to the boat during the week and apply the last coat of blue to the topsides.

As you may remember the hull was already treated with some coats of 2 pack epoxy primer, but seeing as though international had supplied me with two tins of Gelshield I decided to apply some additional coats before the anti fouling paint.

I think its fair to say its been a challenging month for progress, although I am very pleased with the result. 

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