Sunday, 4 February 2018

Work progresses, although marred by theft

The last few weeks have been quite productive although I arrived at the boat yard on Saturday  to learn that someone had broken into the yard during the week. Whilst checking everything was OK I realised that the chain and lock securing my air compressor and petrol pressure washer had been broken and both items stolen! The only fortunate part was that I had pretty much finished using them for the project but was hoping to recoup some of their cost by selling them on.

Back to the job in of the jobs on the list was to reinstall, sand and stain the carpentry around the engine and companionway. This included removing the tread master flooring on the steps which is renowned for being difficult to remove!

I found the best way was to use a multitool with a thin scraper attachment, this removed most of the product although did leave some adhesive which had to be sanded. This is shown in the video below.

Once finished it was time to start putting all of the different parts back together including the steps cupboard and drawer components.

Most of the surfaces were varnished so required a fair bit of sanding including those areas that had tread master fitted. I am yet to decide what to use instead of tread master but I am sure I will think of something eventually!

A useful point to learn is working with teak veneer and what can be done to it, once lightly sanded it can be stained to reasonable effect and retain the original grain from the veneer.

A piece of good news is that the cooker arrived from Cornwall this weekend and is in better condition than I had expected. Fitted with gimbals and all equipment it should make life much easier on board, nothing like being able to put the kettle on when heeling at 45 degrees!

One of the other jobs I have managed to complete is fitting the manual bilge pump along with associated pipework, strumbox and skin fitting. All fairly straight forward and another one ticked off the list.

The last job was to prepare for fitting the electric bilge pump, I have decided to mount this under the floor just in front of the engine and behind the keel where the pipe will be routed into the bilge area. I will be using a remote pump with serviceable parts, along with a float switch and separate filter.

I have managed to fix the base with a two inch gap underneath so the engine intake pipe and manual bilge pump pipes are routed out of the way, I am also hoping to have enough room to fit a pump for the domestic water system. A couple of coats of Danboline and another job crossed off!


  1. What a pain in the neck, that was, getting your tools stolen. Grrrrr.....
    I love the way the table came up, it looks amazing.
    I love your blog!

  2. Thanks Trevor, the only saving grace was that I had pretty much finished what I needed them for.