Monday, 5 March 2018

Even the beast from the east wont stop me......

On what should have been the first day of spring it looked like winter was visiting again, I had planned to take the Friday off work and spend the night on board in an effort to get some work done....dammed if I would let a drop of snow scupper my plans!

The previous week I had added an electric bilge pump along with its own outlet which required another hole being drilled, definitely something not right about drilling holes in a boat!

I was thinking of going for a combined pump and float switch to install although I had a remote pump that was laying around which worked perfectly, as well as a brand new filter. All I needed to buy was the float switch which I purchased on-line some time ago.

Once all of the pipework was fitted and the skin fitting sealed it was time for some wiring work, this was now my 4th auto bilge pump installation and pleased to say it went without a hitch....apart from the fact that the switch I had purchased was faulty!

Obviously this was not clearly evident as I simply assumed the problem was with my wiring....note to self: If you have completed the same task four times successfully chances are your doing something right! Just waiting for a new switch now and in the meantime have hard-wired the float switch so that its in auto mode.

Next was fitting the newly arrived cooker, you may remember I refurbed the galley last year so you would be forgiven for thinking that fitting a cooker would be fairly straight forward affair.......

Not for the king of do overs! Why do a job once when you can do it twice......I had never been completely happy with the laminate work surface I had installed so thought it might be a good time to rip it all out and do it again!

I also found that the sink was quite badly rusted in areas and this will be replaced by a nearly new one that I had in stock.

Previously I had laid laminate over the existing work surface, after which some bright spark suggested that using a corian work surface might look better. This idea had eaten away at me ever since and sometime ago managed to purchase a bargain corain off cut. Before fitting it though I would have to cut the cupboard and drawer out.

I will be the first to admit that my carpentry skills are not the best, but I was pleased with the job I had done fitting the new bulk head sections that would hold the oven and support the new work surface.

The old surface consisted of 18mm ply with a glued laminate surface which in total was 19mm thick, problem was that the corian material is only 12mm thick, this meant adding some supports to increase the height by 7mm.

After checking and rechecking I managed to get a completely level surface for the new work top as well as the bottom section on top of which the cooker will hang.

Last job of the day was to paint everything white, including the cupboard areas as I had decided to go with Toplac paint which was different to the white already painted. The time was now 8pm and I was starting to feel a bit tired so decided to call it a day.

After a good nights sleep the next job was to measure and cut the new material for the work top, this proved easier than initially thought and Mrs Makita Jigsaw went through no problem. Although the old saying 'Measure twice, cut once' is one that I have modified to 'Measure three times, write it down, think about it, measure again, then just before the blade touches the material, put the saw down and check it again!

After the first cut I decided to use a friends table saw which gave a much straighter cut and was pleased to find all the sections fitted well and will only require the thinnest of silicone beads once complete.

Next job was to cut the section that can be removed and stored when the cooker is in use.

Finally I lose fitted the hardwood capping to get an idea what it would look like when fully completed.

Next job will be to cut out and fit the new sink and taps as well as hanging the cooker, before this I will give it all one final coat of white after which the job should be a goodun!

One final point, I have decided that this vessel will be launched in June this year, come what may! I just think that it really needs to go in the water or I fear it never will, so the race is on!

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