Sunday, 18 March 2018

Galley refurb completed, but has cost Blood, sweat and.......Bone!

Yes, Hermione can now lay claim to my blood, sweat and bone following a mishap last week. Long story short....I was drilling out a hole in one of the gimbal brackets when the drill bit broke, slipped sideways and embedded itself into my thumb nail. I lifted the drill up which was still attached to my thumb and realised I had done a proper job as the broken drill bit was poking out of the other side having gone right through! I then panicked and pulled the drill straight out, after which I went into shock....the next bit involved my wife, daughter, an ambulance and a fire engine but I wont bore you with that part. The upshot was that I am left with an open fracture which I had surgery for to remove some bone fragments and thumbnail. All very painful, and yes I should have used a vice!

Not being one to let such trivial matters slow me down I continued with the galley refurb this weekend and managed to pretty much complete the job even with just one thumb!

The next job was to fit the new sink and tap in the newly laid corian work top.

This was all pretty much straight forward, although took twice as long just having one good hand.

I also gave everything another coat of white Toplac before hanging the cooker on its gimbals.

I then cut and refitted the hardwood capping after a good sanding and is now ready to be stained.

All in all I am very pleased with the result and think the corian work top looks much better than the laminate which I initially installed.

As always after any project inside the boat the whole area looks like a bomb has hit it! Tools everywhere and boxes all over the place, with that in mind I managed to spend an hour tidying up afterwards and it all looks much more organised.

I am happy with progress this year so far and have started planning for Hermione's launch, I have even set a provisional date of June 17th for the boat to be lifted in!

Next week I will be working on the house electrics and fitting some lights, once completed hopefully spring will have arrived and I will be able to finish off the deck fittings and start work on the mast.

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