Monday, 23 April 2018

Cooking on gas!....Literally

I must admit to being a bit pleased with myself in terms of progress this month, even though I have had to be a bit careful due to the thumb disaster. Good news is that I have been given the all clear by the plastics team at East Grinstead hospital as the thumb is healing nicely and the nail has started to grow back.

The first job I had to tackle was the 12v wiring system, initially I intended to do a complete strip out and rewire along with a new fuse panel etc, With this in mind and being concious that I want to launch Hermione this year I decided to test all of the internal wiring and then re-evaluate.

They say you should never judge a book by its cover! Behind this rather dodgy looking fuse panel there was some extremely competent wiring which although a little aged was still in good condition.

By the end of the day I had managed to go through all of the wiring and very pleased to find that all of the wiring and switches were working although not the easiest of tasks with just one thumb. As always the wiring to the mast step was a nightmare to sort but eventually had this labelled and new connections fitted.

The next week I set to work cleaning and removing stickers from the fuse panel as well cleaning a few corroded connections.

Once this was finished I labelled the switches in an order that you could actually understand rather than the puzzle that was originally there. I also fitted a bendable chart table light which can be used at night to save on loss of night vision.

Next job was to start working through the instruments and navigation lights and was pleased as punch to find that they were all working.

Over the moon to see that the auto pilot that I found hidden away was also working which has saved me a considerable sum of money as this is a vital piece of equipment for single handed sailing!

I also managed to install the new lighting for the saloon, galley and heads. This comprised of two brass up lighters and two strip lights. I couldn't decide on which strip lights to use for the galley and heads so decided for £5 ebay cheapies in the interim and was pleasantly surprised.

One of the final internal jobs that was outstanding was to fit a new flexible gas hose for the cooker.

Once completed I turned my attention to the gas locker which had been used as a dustbin and quite frankly was in a very poor condition.

After a good clean out it started to look a little more respectable.

With a good coat of Danboline paint it looked even better and was now ready for a new gas bottle and braided hose.

I then, tentatively fired up the new to me gas cooker and found that it all worked as expected and better still the system had no leaks!

In the meantime I had been doing a bit of wheeler dealing with a sailing buddy based down river and managed to clinch a deal on a dinghy which with a bit of TLC will be perfectly acceptable to transport me to and from Hermiones mooring on the river.

Since removing the cover of the boat I had missed the protection offered by the spray hood which I had stored somewhere safe and was now unable to find! Whilst looking for a reel of cable I had come across the cover so was pleased to get this reinstated.

With the internal works now complete it was time to start work on the mast, first job was to check the navigation lights and cable.

Although still working they were very old and the lenses in a poor condition so I decided to get rid and will replace with new. The cables were still also working although there was plenty of oxidisation so again these will be replaced with new.

I then set about sanding the mast and boom in preparation for a nice new coat of two pack paint which should make it much more presentable.

Since having some of my equipment stolen in the new year I decided to treat myself to a new electric sander, this was its first job which it performed admirably.

I also manage to get a good coat of paint on one side of the mast which made a huge difference, I am planning to turn the mast over next week and complete the other side.

After a great day I started to clear up, and for the umpteenth time I drew blood after hitting my head on the scaffolding! I had intended to get a friend along at some time to help me dismantle it but enough was enough, I set about removing it on my own and managed to get all of it down and moved off site before going home.

I know this was a bit of a long winded post but I have made good progress this month and may consider fortnightly updates if it carries on like this! 
So thats it, if you haven't been able to see the Facebook or Twitter posts you can now considre yourself fully caught up!  

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